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  • Mated height: 2.4mm (2.5mm max) or below
  • PCB occupation area: 7.7 sq.mm
  • Coaxial connector in the world's lightest classes. Receptacle: 15,7mg. Right angle plug: 59,1mg
  • High frequency performance up to 6 GHz. VSWR: 1.3 max from DC up to 3GHz
  • Tactile lock feeling confirms fully mated condition.
  • Mobile phone
  • Radio communication equipment
  • measurement instrument
  • GPS unit
  • Wireless LAN
  • Bluetooth

     click to open the U.FL Connector datasheet in pdf

     click to open the U.FL Coaxial cable specification for OD1.13/ OD1.32 and OD1.37mm

Impedance (Ohm) 50
Frequency Range (GHz) 0 to 6
Operation Temperature Range (degrees C) -40 to 90
Center Conductor Plating Gold
PCB Mount Type SMT
Remarks Extraction tool, Conversion adaptor


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